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i love this panel so much


it’s like futakuchi has been bottling up his awfulness (at least to an extent) because of the responsibilities of being a captain and he’s just so happy to see kamasaki there and is excited to unleash it all at him full force because he can

aone is immediately ready to seperate them because he knows what’ll happen

and look at sakunami and obara being extremely cute in the background!

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"We’ll chew you up, and spit you out."

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Haikyuu!! poster filled with fan messages to commemorate the end of the anime.


Haikyuu!! poster filled with fan messages to commemorate the end of the anime.

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Psycho-Pass 2: October 9


im crying imagine hinata has these spiker instincts like someone tosses him a pen for him to use in class and he just smacks it in mid air onto the ground instead of catching it and he gets so embarrassed


a photoset dedicated to the faces daichi made when hinata accidentally served a ball into the back of kageyama


At the request of some friends on twitter, I spent today whipping up some Haikyuu!! inspired merch. Now you can take the court and represent your favorite team while doing it! Just as a heads up, the bag colors are 100% accurate to what I uploaded, and I’m not sure why the t-shirt images are showing up so de-saturdated, but it’s purely a web error, and what you see on the bags is what will be printed! You can find individual links to where to purchase these on redbubble below! 

Karasuno | Nekoma | Aoba Johsai

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2014.09.20 happy birthday, bokuto senpai!

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